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Elephant Poaching for the Ivory Trade

By Dan@Grasstracks | March 7, 2012

(Elephant Destiny). In 1989, The Elephant Conservation Act of 1989 created the legal foundation for protecting elephants throughout Africa. Using this law, African governments assisted with funding from western governments and environmental organizations, embarked upon an intense campaign establishing Wildlife Agencies in individual countries to combat illegal poaching and arrest…

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Similarity in the Grasslands of Botswana and Colorado

By Dan@Grasstracks | February 20, 2012

The grasslands of Botswana in south-central Africa and of Colorado in the central United States exist on opposite sides of the globe, yet they are eerily similar in appearance and function; a testament to the forces of evolution. When faced with similar environmental conditions like soil type and levels of…

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The Victoria Falls

By Dan@Grasstracks | January 18, 2012

The Main Falls, Zimbabwe (left) and the Eastern Cataracts in Zambia (right) At the western end of the Falls is a statue of David Livingstone, the first European to see the Falls, overlooking the Devil's Cataract.  At the Devil's Cataract, the river is eroding along a fault line in the…

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A Night Time Encounter with an Elephant

By Dan@Grasstracks | November 1, 2011

Traveling in Africa is a life changing experience. The exotic animals encountered, their shear numbers and wild antics and behaviors make every observation unique and exciting. But every now and again something really really incredible happens and if you're lucky enough that something just might happen when you're on safari.…

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