Conservation Efforts across Africa

By Dan@Grasstracks | December 19, 2015

African Parks is a non-profit organisation that takes total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities. Our approach combines world-class conservation practice with business expertise. We place emphasis on achieving financial sustainability of the parks by combining long-term donor funding with tourism revenues, related business enterprise and payment for ecosystem services, which all serve as a foundation for economic development and poverty alleviation.

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Camping in the African Bush

By Dan@Grasstracks | October 13, 2015

In some ways, night is my favorite time on safari.  As the campsite quiets down I lie in my tent reflecting on the day’s game sightings and listening for sounds of the African night.  I can make out the glittering constellations of the southern hemisphere through the tent’s mesh window.  Tired from an exciting day in the bush I fight off sleep, trying to remain alert to the calls and cries of Africa’s nocturnal creatures.  Far off I hear the roar of lions preparing for the night’s hunt.   Through the crisp night air, the plaintive howl of a hyena seems very close to camp.  In the mopane trees surrounding our cluster of tents an African Scops owl calls out with its repeating single note.  Krruup… krruup… krrupp… krrupp….  Then a twig snaps near the tent.  I immediately recall the story our guide told us after dinner and my thoughts race to identify the cause of the snapping branch.

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Safari to Namibia

By Dan@Grasstracks | May 13, 2015

I’m just back from spending 2 weeks exploring Namibia.  This is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes, unique animals and plants, and a welcoming people.  Our group concentrated on Damaraland in remote northwestern Namibia, staying at some spectacular lodges along the way. 

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Browning Trail Camera and Nocturnal Visitors

By Dan@Grasstracks | October 2, 2014

Drifting off to sleep while camping in the African bush is a highlight of any safari (for me at least). The camp is quiet and the nocturnal animals are now active.  In the distance a lion roars and closer to camp a hyena howls.  An elephant snaps a tree branch.  A Scops owl calls.  Even though everyone is asleep, the camp is still an active place.

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