Connecting to the Past with the Xai Xai Bushmen of Botswana

By Dan Hopkins | December 4, 2019
san bushmen botswana

A recent safari guest describes her interactions with the San Bushmen of Xai Xai deep in the Kalahari of Botswana.  As part of our Botswana Culture & Wildlife Safari, this small group spent two days with the San learning about their culture and everyday lives.  Here, Bonnie relates her experiences…

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Namibia’s Green Season

By Dan Hopkins | November 24, 2019

The “green season” is southern Africa’s summertime and in some places the rainy season.  Typically it’s the least popular time for safaris, but there are some distinct advantages to traveling between January and March (see below for 11 great reasons).  If you have any reservations about green season travel in…

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The Mighty Elephant: An Osher@Dartmouth Course

By Dan Hopkins | November 19, 2019

In 1930, as many as 10 million wild elephants roamed the African continent.  But decades of poaching and conflict have decimated the African elephant populations, leaving less than 415,000.  In 2016, the International Union of Conservation of Nature reported that Africa’s elephant population had seen its worst decline in 25…

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Wild Camping in Botswana: A Long Night Under a Black Moon

By Dan Hopkins | September 25, 2019

Here’s great story about camping in the Botswana wilderness by one of our clients, recently returned from our Botswana Culture & Wildlife Safari.  Author and safari host, Bonnie Fladung, tells an unforgettable story of an unexpected nocturnal visitor to her tent one night deep in the Botswana bush! I heard…

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