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Botswana is indeed one of Africa’s most remarkable destinations for wildlife and conservation. It is the country with the highest concentration of elephants left on Earth, the biggest African wild dog population and one of only 9 viable lion populations on the continent. 

Our portfolio of Botswana safaris are designed to immerse you in this wildlife spectacle and in this vast, unspoiled wilderness.  We are inspired by the expedition style of safari, in the tradition of Hemingway and Roosevelt as we believe there is a strong desire in many travelers to go back to the roots of safari, to touch, smell, feel and experience the wild, with ones feet firmly in the dust that covers Africa.

Botswana still has plenty of places where you can enjoy a quality camping experience deep in the wilderness while ‘roughing-it in style’ under canvas.  Our mobile camping safaris will be particularly appealing to those who want to connect with the earth, culture, and wildlife in a very up-close and personal way.  Our safaris emphasize the unique experience of Africa: rising before the sun to a dawn chorus of birds, days spent on the search for game, and falling asleep to the distant roar of lions.

Our Special Botswana Safaris

botswana culture wildlife safari

The Culture & Wildlife of Botswana

Join Bonnie Fladung for this cultural and wildlife safari to Botswana. Bonnie is a wildlife writer and coauthor of When Eagles Roar: The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer, a 2016 National Geographic book recommendation.

Visit a remote San Bushmen village, interact with the villagers, & learn about their customs and daily lives.  We'll join them around their evening campfires and learn about the local environment on a bush walk. Then travel to the Tsodilo Hills, a sacred place to the San and view the ancient Bushmen rock art.  Finally, spend 6 nights camping in the wildlife-rich Moremi Reserve.

Departure Date: Aug 28-Sept 9, 2019

Botswana African Safari

A luxury camping safari through Chobe & Moremi with comfortable tents & great food!

The Great North Road Camping Safari

Sunset over Chobe

Explore the Okavango Delta by foot before camping in Moremi & Chobe.

Botswana Walking & Camping

Elephants, Chobe

Embark on your personal odyssey through the wilds of Botswana in luxury & comfort.

Botswana Odyssey: A Luxury Lodge Safari

botswana photography wildlife safari

Affordable, participation camping safaris will take you deep into the wilderness of Botswana.

Adventure Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safaris

An affordable, 14 day exploration of the stunning deserts and deltas of northern Botswana.

The Best of Botswana Safari


Enjoy the best of lodges & camping as you explore the wilderness of Botswana.

Lodge and Camping Combo Safari


Enjoy the highlights of Botswana on this 8 night lodge safari.

Focus on Botswana Safari